Maintenance and Small Works


  • Machine Tools
  • Emergency Lighting Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repairs
  • Industry Equipment

Installations Electrical Services

Air Conditioning
Electrical Lighting and Power
Fire Alarms
Emergency Lighting Systems
Machine Wiring

Testing Services

  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Emergency Light Testing
  • Fixed Installation or Periodic Testing (as it is referred) to Meet Current Legislation

Yes, that would be the logical choice

Involved in electrical technology, information technology, heavy machinery, projects, construction and the trading business, our company has succeeded in making diversity its strength.

We have been constantly examining the market to find new product and service areas to become involved in, and try to be innovative by going after new ideas which are emerging in the international market. For example, we have started exploring alternative energies, like solar power and wind. We are identifying principles in this area of activity and are hoping to bring in new business activities to replace traditional areas. We are always looking for new principles and have been quite successful in our endeavor to identify and establish partnerships around the world.

An important management tool for the company has been its use of strategic planning. Today, we have a vision for 2020 which enables us to identify and evaluate new possibilities. Alternative energy is one area identified, and agriculture being one of our major fortes. We also plan to get involved in the Biogas business. There are different ideas we are working to see how we can develop these into our mainstream activities


All these ideas are aimed at maintaining our diversity and increasing our productivity.

Our Company has always operated with the aim of enabling the country to grow economically by providing essential services to the country's industries, and its combination of instinctive entrepreneurship and diversity of activity will stand it in good stead for years to come.

Company’s Moto is never compromise on : QUALITY & QUANTITY.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at x.mehmox (skype) ,.